As a homeowner it is important to be informed on every aspect of your home from the foundation to the roof. You may not need to be an expert on such subjects but knowing a little can go a long way. One of the most important structures to be informed on is your roof. Determining your roof replacement cost may seem a little overwhelming but in reality can be determined using basic information. Calculating your roof replacement cost can be done with the following information:

  •         property square footage
  •         roofing material
  •         layers of roofing

This information will be used to determine the cost of your next roof replacement. Roofing cost takes the amount of labor, materials, and wasted generated to determine the final roof replacement cost. For a more accurate cost analysis other factors play important roles as well such as the pitch of the roof. Typically this requires the estimator to measure from the roof. To calculate the material needed for your job the most common measuring metrics is roofing squares which is equivalent to 100 sq. foot of roofing material. When using shingles a typical bundle is equivalent to 1/3 square.