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Royalty Roofing – Local Roofing Company has been serving Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley for over 20 years.
Our roofing company offers free estimates on shingles, metal roofs, flat roofs, tile roof repair, and replacement.
Our skilled roofers are certified and insured, and we have a proven track record of customer satisfaction.
We guarantee low prices and top-quality service!!!

Source: Owens Corning Cools roofs are composed of light reflecting and heat emitting materials. 

A tile roof can add value to your home, and provide a classic look that blends well in a variety of architectural styles. It has the added advantage of being a roofing material that lasts for decades and is easy to care for.

A flat roof is most commonly found on commercial buildings and roofs with no pitch. Flat roofs require different maintenance systems to ensure waterproofing and often have multiple layers of materials to resist UV damage and radon seepage.

Metal roofs are popular because of their beautiful appearance and their benefits include better winter snow and ice retention, lower energy bills, and lower maintenance. The roofing companies that do this best have already applied a heat-reflective metal coating to the underlayment prior to installation. This prevents the roofing materials from fading or discoloring.

See how the Lifetime Shingle Roofing System can provide multiple benefits in one natural slate-like shingle. We’ll show you how our shingles resist cracking, fading, and oxidation. And show you how they are backed by the industry’s first Lifetime Roofing Promise

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